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The Tat by SwiftCreekPhotos
Mature content
The Tat :iconswiftcreekphotos:SwiftCreekPhotos 145 29
It's off now by compman67
Mature content
It's off now :iconcompman67:compman67 31 10
Quiet Ropose by Dust-Rider
Mature content
Quiet Ropose :icondust-rider:Dust-Rider 75 6
An Enticing, Lady-Like Allure by rtgreenl
Mature content
An Enticing, Lady-Like Allure :iconrtgreenl:rtgreenl 139 11
Pharmercy [Special Shoot] by RizzyCosArt
Mature content
Pharmercy [Special Shoot] :iconrizzycosart:RizzyCosArt 324 58
Quiet I by RizzyCosArt Quiet I :iconrizzycosart:RizzyCosArt 191 21 swampy blonde by Pippa-pppx swampy blonde :iconpippa-pppx:Pippa-pppx 42 10 Damn... I need lots more stuffing now Grindor! by KristinF
Mature content
Damn... I need lots more stuffing now Grindor! :iconkristinf:KristinF 85 88
Vanessa W 05 by NecroMensRea
Mature content
Vanessa W 05 :iconnecromensrea:NecroMensRea 123 3
Super wedgie by LivBondage
Mature content
Super wedgie :iconlivbondage:LivBondage 228 16
In the Hotel Room. by AndrewMannPhoto
Mature content
In the Hotel Room. :iconandrewmannphoto:AndrewMannPhoto 59 10
Refreshing Pond by rasmus-art
Mature content
Refreshing Pond :iconrasmus-art:rasmus-art 107 22
In my window naked by apocspost
Mature content
In my window naked :iconapocspost:apocspost 206 54
In the yard by DaveHammond
Mature content
In the yard :icondavehammond:DaveHammond 145 3
Alicia Migueles 12 by AliciaMigueles Alicia Migueles 12 :iconaliciamigueles:AliciaMigueles 26 9 ExxxoticBeauty Invisible White G-String Bikini by Masterjabba ExxxoticBeauty Invisible White G-String Bikini :iconmasterjabba:Masterjabba 59 2

Random from Featured

Who is watching? by RickB500
Mature content
Who is watching? :iconrickb500:RickB500 80 16
Nikis eBook by Chepixxx
Mature content
Nikis eBook :iconchepixxx:Chepixxx 69 3
Down an Old Passage by ClockworkEros
Mature content
Down an Old Passage :iconclockworkeros:ClockworkEros 23 10
Munich land of freedom by NetSeawolf
Mature content
Munich land of freedom :iconnetseawolf:NetSeawolf 21 16
Spectral II by nikongriffin
Mature content
Spectral II :iconnikongriffin:nikongriffin 213 11
Painter 2 by Kate-Slusarenko Painter 2 :iconkate-slusarenko:Kate-Slusarenko 22 6 Vintage dreams 3 by Kate-Slusarenko Vintage dreams 3 :iconkate-slusarenko:Kate-Slusarenko 11 1 Musicinspired 2 by Kate-Slusarenko Musicinspired 2 :iconkate-slusarenko:Kate-Slusarenko 6 1 Painter 1 by Kate-Slusarenko Painter 1 :iconkate-slusarenko:Kate-Slusarenko 38 8 Just Me- by LovinSpoonfuls Just Me- :iconlovinspoonfuls:LovinSpoonfuls 38 94 Shiny Mood by Junkyardrose
Mature content
Shiny Mood :iconjunkyardrose:Junkyardrose 121 8
Miss Daerilyn Lightshield by Girldeathknight Miss Daerilyn Lightshield :icongirldeathknight:Girldeathknight 9 1 The Rescue poster by Girldeathknight The Rescue poster :icongirldeathknight:Girldeathknight 8 2 Daily Drawing 0014  Melinda-Raven by SexyAndSensual
Mature content
Daily Drawing 0014 Melinda-Raven :iconsexyandsensual:SexyAndSensual 50 8
The Unsuspected Return by innalivewire
Mature content
The Unsuspected Return :iconinnalivewire:innalivewire 11 7

Newest Deviations

Man Who Found GOD On The Moon
Man Who Found GOD On The Moon
Man In Balloons Floating Thru Space Riding Along Motor Waves Running A Race
Sails In The SunSet Fire Works Explode motoe Plane Plows Thru A Night On The Road
Thinking Of People & Places Iv'e Been Flash Back Of A Child I Have Seen
Was A Child Of GOD Loving From The Start Selling Books Of Khrishna
Flowers Around The Heart
Made Me Happy Baby And Made Me Smile Brought A Breath Of Truth
Into This Mad World For Awhile
:iconlexxii:lexxii 17 16
An American Love Story
An American Love Story
Nobody Loves you when you're down and out
Nobody see you when you're on cloud nine
Everybodys' hustling for a buck and a dime
Hurtless Bastards
Ain't no difference on an old dirt road
No bell book or candle can get you out of here
i'm tired, so tired
No place to call my own like a rolling stone
No people on the old dirt road
No more weather on the old dirt road
Like trying to shovel smoke with a pitchfork
in the wind on the old dirt road
Nobody loves you when your down and out
I'll scratch your back you'll scratch mine
Been across to the other side
Shown you everything nothing to hide
.when tarred and feathered
No difference on the old dirt road
Nobody loves you when you're down and out
Still you ask me do I love you
What it is
All I can show you is that is it's all show biz
Been across the ocean so many times
But still you ask me do I love you
Every time I put my finger on it
It all slips away
I'll scratch you back you'll knife mine
When I get up in the morni
:iconlexxii:lexxii 24 29
Just For Today
In Another Life
I Woke Up Dreaming
As The Morning Light
Is Painting Love
Shining Bright
Whispers A Joy
Enchanting Beauty
She Can Take Your Breath
Away Without You Knowing
She Can Take Your Breath Forever
She Can Take Your Soul
Without You Knowing
If Just For Today
Just For One Night
For This Day Only
Just For today
:iconlexxii:lexxii 23 12
Sweet Tuesday Morning
In A Way The Sun Has Shown On Me
Makes It Easy To Make It Hard
Take An Inch Take A Yard Take It All
Any Day The Sun Will Shine On You
Makes It Silly To Make It Sad
Take It Good Take It Bad
Take It All
I Don't Need It At All
Don't You Know
Theres A Stronger Thing
Keeping Us Together
There Is A Song To Sing
Did You Think Id Do You Wrong
The Special Love I have For You
:iconlexxii:lexxii 12 6
Let It Rain
It's Raining raining raining all over this world
Is so good you feel the pain
Saw that smile in your act and that's a fact
Every dream in your heart is gone
It's raining all this world
Lay lady  lay this way it's raining
all over this world
See inside me the sun
Go like the meadows in my mind
Alright gonna be a sweet dream
Is a sweet thing
Terrible thing to lose
Let it rain
Let it rain I mean
Just for love
Just for love
Got to let it go
Just for love
:iconlexxii:lexxii 19 11
Too Much
Laugh when your heart is breaking It's a fine line Smile when you eyes are burning sigh as you brush away your tears Take you time as you brush away you sorrows
Come on back Come on back to me it's a fine line as you think about tomorrow No more pain and no more sorrow make it right in your life Sometimes can be too much Too much pain and too much sorrow
Make it right make it righteous from the darkness that surrounds us
:iconlexxii:lexxii 13 27
Such A Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Girl
Never Seen Such A Beautiful Girl
She Got me Shaking Inside
Calling On Me from Deep Within Her Eyes
Not The Kind You Go Handing Around
Want To Keep her Right there
Her Love Don't Come As No Surprise
When i Saw the Way She Smiled At Me
I Knew Then And There
Then i Felt the way She Was Touching Me
That Was Something i Knew And Was waiting Upon
Never Seen Such A Beautiful Girl
She Had Me Untied
Not The Kind Lost Or Found
She Had Always Been there
A Lover Need for This Soul To Survive
Her Love Comes As No Surprise
:iconlexxii:lexxii 27 32
My Dark Sweet Lady
My Dark Sweet Lady
My Dark Sweet Lady
Love You So
Your heart Is Close To Mine
You Gave Me Everything
I Really Followed
You Came And Helped Me
From Out The Blue
My Dark Sweet Lady
Your Heart Is So Fine
Your Are So Heavenly
Love Your Dearly
My Dark Sweet Lady
:iconlexxii:lexxii 15 13
Take Me
Take Me
Take Your Seat By The Wayside
Watch Them Bid For Your Blood
Who will Damn You Tomorrow
Will You Be MizUnderstood
Take me
Take Me Home
Can't Bear To Feel The Sorrow
Of The Evil That You've Shown
Keep Your Ears To The Grapevine
Hear Them Sell You Down The Line
They Will Cross You
They Will Smile And Say It's Fine
Take me Back
Drown Your Sorrows
Take Me Take Me
Take Me Home
:iconlexxii:lexxii 16 20
In Dreams
In Dreams
In Dreams
And Out The Blue
So Magical And Mystical
In Dreams
You Make My Life So Right
In Dreams
You Are My Shining Light
In Dreams
I Sing A Lull-a-bye
 And Hold You Tight
In Dreams
In Dreams
In Dreams
You Shine So Bright
 Here Comes The Sun
We Dreamed Dreamers Dreams
We Had Fun
In Dreams
In Dreams
 You Were The One
In Dreams
In Dreams
In Dreams Or So It Seems
We Are Together
 With Whatever We Want
Out The Blue
You Came To Me
In Dreams
My Dreams
I Softly Kiss You Goodnight...
:iconlexxii:lexxii 15 15
Just Passing Thru
Just Passing Thru
Like Footprints In The Sand I'm Just Passing Through...On A Winged Flight Something I Had To Do...Around The World In Eighty Days I Was Amazed...Just Passing Through...Through Good And Bad Some Happy And Some Sad I've Seen So Much And Some Was Tough...Just Passing Through...
Smile On The Good And Cry On The Sad And Always Beware Of The Bad...Just Passing Through...Lucky To Meet You And Happy To Be With You...Just Passing Through
Time Is Timeless And Time Takes Time...
:iconlexxii:lexxii 21 43
Not Alone
Not Alone
You always said that id be back again that id come running to you in the end i thought that you were on your own and now i find that your not alone ill see you through the rain through the heartache and the pain this hurts like never before your not alone anymore you always said that i would know someday just how it feels when your love walks away i let you down i let you go i lost you how was i to know ill see you through the rain through the heartache and pain it hurts like never before your not alone anymore i never knew i could feel this this way i never knew i could see past yesterday you feel that everything is gone i feel it to your not alone.
:iconlexxii:lexxii 12 12
Some People
Some People
Some People Never Know

No One Else Will Ever See How Much Faith You Have In Me
Only Fools Would Disagree That It's So Some People Will Never Know
Like A Fool I'm Far Away Every Night I Hope And Pray
I'll Be Coming Home To Stay And Its So
Some People Never Know
Some People Can Sleep At Night Time Believing That Love Is A Lie
I'm Only A Person Like You Love And Who In The World Can Be Right All The Right Time Make Me Right
Only Love Can Stand The Test Only You Out Shine The Rest Only Fools Take Second Best Some People Never Know
:iconlexxii:lexxii 28 50
Venus And Mars
Venus And Mars
Bottle Of Red Bottle Of White
Sometimes Makes EveryThing All Right
I Knew Right From The Start That You Were The One
I Remember Finding Out About You As EveryDay My Mind Was All Around You
Knocking Down The Old Grey Walls We Were Apart Of It All
Nothing To Say Nothing To Do Nothing To Change Nothing To Say
Red Lights Green Lights A Good Friend Of Mine Strawberry Wine Venus And Mars Are All Right Tonight.
:iconlexxii:lexxii 23 27
Let It Down
Let It Down
Though Your Sitting In That Chair I Can Feel You Here Looking Like I Dont Care
But I Do I Do
Hiding All Behind Everything I See That You Can See Should Someone Look At Me While I occupy My Mind
I Can Feel You Here Love
To Us Is So Well Timed And I do And I Do
Let It Down Let Your Hair Down All Around Me
Let It Down Let It Down Let Your Love Flow And Astound Me
See Your Eyes Are Are Busy Kissing Mine Wondering What It Is To See You
:iconlexxii:lexxii 12 17
Warm And Beautiful
Warm Beautiful
A Love So Warm And Beautiful Stands When Time Itself Is Falling
A Love So Warm And Beautiful Never Fades Away When Life Love Fades
And Hope Is Beautiful When Your World Is Touched By Sadness
To Each Your Own Is Wonderful And Love Will Never Die
Some Light Is Morning Glory Tells The Story And Moonlight On The Water
Brings Me Inspiration Ever After
SunLight And Moonlight Are Morning Glory
A Love So Warm And Beautiful Never Fades Away
:iconlexxii:lexxii 9 3

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Cindy's hot pants 03 by RickB500
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CJ. by LouieMartinez
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CJ. :iconlouiemartinez:LouieMartinez 224 50



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If You Could Have The Best Of Both World's What Would That Be ? 

30 deviants said Your Thoughts


Nice background and location with good lighting and this tends to be a nice and emotive photo of Emily here. Fashionable shorts thats s...

by melannc

True Beauty What a wonderful pose of a true beauty caught in the fabric of time. With her hair tied and twisted up and flowing softly d...

Danni Up Close Danni you are a true beauty beyond compare. The pose is wonderful and the angle and lighting are as perfect as you are. ...

by Reilune

Should Have Known First, the model Jessica is beautiful and this is a wonderful B/W of her here. That being said and not a photographer...

If You Could Have The Best Of Both World's What Would That Be ? 

30 deviants said Your Thoughts


Fetish by LameEmoName
Mature content
Fetish :iconlameemoname:LameEmoName 345 45
The Sirens by tom2001
Mature content
The Sirens :icontom2001:tom2001 110 12
Eva IX by tom2001
Mature content
Eva IX :icontom2001:tom2001 1,423 54
Arched by tom2001
Mature content
Arched :icontom2001:tom2001 190 9
Tender and Ready by PhotobyLolita
Mature content
Tender and Ready :iconphotobylolita:PhotobyLolita 2,611 300
Pressure Play by darkmatterzone
Mature content
Pressure Play :icondarkmatterzone:darkmatterzone 1,984 187


i have got a 5.5" long and 5" grith penis. is it too small to a horny?
Mon Apr 30, 2018, 8:23 AM
Hi Masto :)
Sun Mar 11, 2018, 7:48 PM
Hi Masto :)
Sun Mar 11, 2018, 7:47 PM
Hi Lexxii!
Sat Mar 10, 2018, 2:41 PM
Welcome Dave :) xoLexxii
Fri Nov 3, 2017, 7:18 AM
Thanks for the Llama!
Tue Oct 31, 2017, 12:21 PM
Thank You Art ! :) xoLexxii
Sun Oct 8, 2017, 11:12 PM
Belated Happy Birthday M'Lady! 'HOOOAAH!' :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::salute::salute::salute::salute::salute::salute::salute::salute::salute::salute:
Wed Oct 4, 2017, 7:43 PM
Thank You for Sharing Lady Lexxii! :heart: 'HOOOAAH!' :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::salute::salute::salute::salute::salute:
Wed Oct 4, 2017, 7:40 PM
Thanks moukoko :) xoLexxii
Tue Sep 26, 2017, 7:13 AM
Happy birthday babe
Tue Sep 26, 2017, 12:04 AM
Rogue :)
Mon Sep 25, 2017, 3:04 PM
Your welcome :-)
Fri Sep 22, 2017, 4:07 PM
Thanks Rogue :) xoLexxii
Mon Sep 11, 2017, 10:34 AM
I love your profile :-) B-)
Sun Sep 10, 2017, 1:18 PM
Hi ROGUE :) xoLexxii
Fri Sep 1, 2017, 7:42 PM
Very inspiring profile :-)
Fri Sep 1, 2017, 5:16 PM
<i/b> Heyy Reflex :) xoLexxii
Wed Aug 16, 2017, 2:56 PM
Hey Lexxii!
Wed Aug 16, 2017, 12:05 PM
Welcome Sxy :)
Sun Aug 13, 2017, 9:42 PM

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In the Springtime of the Year by madlynx

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BLAAAAAM... Gotcha, BITCH! by bangedibang
 Tragedy: Police-Forces stormed our house this morning and shot my mom dead!
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i have got a 5.5" long and 5" grith penis. is it too small to a horny?
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